MBBS in Nepal

MBBS in Nepal

Top Reasons Why You Choose Nepal For MBBS Course

Most of the time, every student makes an effort to get into a good college for medical studies so they can pursue higher education. In Nepal’s medical Colleges, an ever-increasing number of students are pursuing MBBS degrees. For a variety of reasons, Nepal’s medical schools rank higher on students’ list of preferred options. The high-quality education provided is one of the primary reasons; various diagnostics used in the classroom, the chance to think outside the box, or, most importantly, the rigorous faculty as well as the ideal setting entice Indian students to pursue MBBS Nepal. The following are some of the reasons why you should attend this college for your MBBS:

  • One of the primary advantages of pursuing an MBBS in Nepal is the availability of NMC-accredited medical universities for Indian students.
  • Nepal has the most dependable quality education, and medical training in Nepal is reasonably priced.
  • Nepal has a large number of government-funded medical colleges, and organizations such as MCI and WHO evaluate many of them.
  • The MBBS programme in Nepal and India is extremely similar. The NMC screening test is less difficult for the children to pass. The proportion of students pursuing an MBBS degree in Nepal who pass the Medical Council of India’s prerequisite exams is significant.
  • Additionally, Nepal’s weather is absolutely gorgeous. While studying for the MBBS, students appreciate the quiet environment. International students can study MBBS in Nepal in favorable conditions.
  • They provide students with high-quality instruction, a 12-month internship, and numerous training opportunities. Students gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields.
  • Medical University education is of the highest caliber, with an extremely vast knowledge base.

MBBS In Nepal For Indian Students

Nepal gives tip top clinical schooling to the understudies. Because of this, many Indian students regularly travel to Nepal to fulfill their aspiration of becoming specialists. One of the most well-known nations that provides students with numerous freedoms is Nepal. Theories and informative spaces are satisfied by the educational plan for students. In general, Indian students with high aspirations and low academic scores may consider MBBS in Nepal. The high cost of education in comparison to Indian institutions is always beneficial. Nepal is well-known among Indian medical students for offering affordable, high-quality training, a superior medical framework, and practice-based learning.

Nepal is an excellent option for pursuing your MBBS dream. Obtaining your degree on a reasonable budget has been a significant motivator for Indian students in Nepal. The MBBS programme is divided into 5+1 long stretches of the term. A period of five and a half years is sufficient to acclimate to school studies and MCI screening test studies.MBBS in Nepal has emerged as the top choice for Indian students for the following reasons:

  • Numerous universities affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and other national organizations advocated for doctors to practice medicine wherever they want. The degree is legal all over the world.
  • The National Medical Board approves a significant number of medical colleges in Russia selected by Indian students.
  • There are consistently a large number of Indian students participating in international student exchanges. So you now understand the biological system of their education.
  • There is an Indian mess in almost every college and school, so there is no problem for Indian students with their language skills.
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Is Nepal Good For MBBS Course ?

Nepal is well-known among Indian medical students for offering high-quality training, a world-class medical framework, and practice-based learning at a low cost. Nepal is an excellent option for chasing your MBBS dream.

Eligibility Criteria For Indian Students- MBBS in Nepal

Every applicant who aspires to be admitted to Russia MBBS colleges should take into consideration the eligibility requirements of the Russia medical Universities.

  • The students must have complied to sit for the 10+2 exam at the recognized university or Colleges.
  • Minimum aggregate GPA in Class-10 & 12 is 7.00
  • Minimum GPA either in Class-10 or 12 is 3.00
  • Minimum GPA in Biology is 3.50


% of Marks


80.00 – 100.00

4.00 – 4.99

70.00 – 79.99

3.50 – 3.99

60.00 – 69.99

3.00 – 3.49

50.00 – 59.99

2.00 – 2.99

40.00 – 49.99

  • For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in Class-12 exam, only 3 subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) are considered. Qualifying grade in each subject individually is “C”. Therefore GPA is = (total marks obtained in 3 subjects)/3.
  • Optional subjects shall be considered if GPA is below 5.

Most Important Documents Required For MBBS In Nepal

  • Need a copy of your passport.
  • Valid mark sheets of classes 10 and 12.
  • Students’ Birth certificate.
  • Important thing is the NEET scorecard.

Think Before If You Choose MBBS In Nepal

There are lots of advantages to studying MBBS In Nepal as well as there are some disadvantages. Some Disadvantages of MBBS in Nepal:

  • Type of communication among some faculty members and a lack of English language proficiency may be issues in Nepal.
  • Foreign students are only allowed to observe patients in Nepali hospitals; they are not allowed to interact with them.
  • Indian students must enroll in a separate subject in order to learn their native language.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Nepal 2023

  1. Submit Scan copy of Class-X & XII Mark Sheet & Neet Result.
  2. Offer Letter has to be issued from the College within 7-10 working days.
  3. Pay booking fees direct to college account within 7-10 days
  4. Documents required in Original:-
    • Admit Card, Marks Sheet & Pass Certificate – Class X
    • Admit Card, Marks Sheet & Pass Certificate – Class XII
    • Passport, Pan Card & Aadhar Card
  5.  4 sets of Xerox of all above documents.
  6. 20 copies passport size color photograph with white background
  7. Pay the rest due amount of 1st year fees.
  8. Confirm Admission Letter issued from the College before visa
  9. At the end, the student will get the VISA and start his/her dream journey.

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About Nepal

Nepal is a country located between mountain ranges. It is a landlocked nation that is between India to the east. Its domain stretches 500 miles (800 kilometers) east to west and 90 to 150 miles north to south. Kathmandu is the capital.

Nepal is one of the most uncreated countries in the world because it has been deliberately and for a long time confined geographically. Nepal has received financial assistance from numerous nations, including China, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland. The level of new manual for Nepal has been impacted to a great degree by India and China’s real circumstance.