From the first day of our journey, we are helping students to get their higher education. Students often get confused at the first step of their professional study regarding the right career for them. At that time, they need proper guidance. We regard ourselves as an educational guide for your wards who can help the students to choose the right track for them. We help them to make the right decision and make their parents appreciate their decision. 

We are the helping hand that the students need to choose a suitable career. We are not a concerned about running for a long time. We suddenly decided to set up a concern that helps students in a true sense. So, we took the risk which seemed to be worth it. Unlike other consultancy, we are guiding students to the right career made for them. We gather many experiences as we’re still learning along with the students about guidance. 

Every year we receive a lot of inquiries regarding the courses we provide. Most of our clients come to know about us from their relatives or friends and others contact us after referring by other advisory services, international organizations, or diplomatic representatives. 

We are a fast-growing concern in India and are registered with many colleges abroad. We have a head office in Kolkata and an accessible network all over the country. So, students who are staying outside of Kolkata can easily contact us in our regional offices and access our services to make their future. We’re partnered with some best colleges that are well- known for providing a high standard of education. All our registered colleges are MCI approved. Students will find it easy to set up their careers. We’ve colleges within the budgets of the parents as we know that different students are coming from different backgrounds. We have a team of experts for counseling, advisory, and all other assistance a student need for going to study abroad. Sometimes we render our counseling services to the parents also if we found it necessary.