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MBBS in Bangladesh

Studying MBBS Abroad is well known in India. Indian students incline to MBBS in Bangladesh as an abroad MBBS program. MBBS in Bangladesh is a comparatively better choice than any other country considering starting an international medical career ahead. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh isn’t costly at all for a medical student in any way. Medical study in Bangladesh will give you the feeling as if you are studying MBBS in India. So, Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad can easily choose Bangladesh for their medical study. Medical seats in Bangladesh are simple to acquire for students who want to do MBBS in Bangladesh.

The Private Medical Universities in Bangladesh provide world-class medical education with premium quality standards and highly knowledgeable professional staff for their students. There are many MCI approved colleges in Bangladesh. Bangladesh also provides a medical student with a study pattern and syllabus which can be considered among the best patterns of health education all over the world. Bangladesh is getting to be a hot destination for medical students from nations including India, Nepal, Srilanka, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Philippines, Palestine, Maldives, and Bhutan for receiving their abroad MBBS degree. Bangladesh has already proven a wonderful improvement in the conditions of the education sector. The total cost of the MBBS program in Bangladesh is quite affordable when compared to all other countries all over the world. MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the best choices for Asian students.

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

To learn the art of patient care MBBS students in Bangladesh spend a lot of time in hospitals and clinics. The hospitals and clinics are overflowed with patients and are also equipped with a lot of advanced machines and equipment to help the students to grow as medical practitioners.

Now, after completing MBBS in Bangladesh medical doctors starts to get ready for the FMGE/NExT, USMLE, PLAB exams as per their preferences to practice medicine Internationally. Language should not be a factor for international students who want to study MBBS in Bangladesh as the medical study in Bangladesh is conducted in English Medium as well. There are many medical colleges in Bangladesh that welcome students from all around the world to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Private colleges in India demands lacs and lacs of rupees to be able to admit a single medical student which is a big amount of money for some medical aspirants in India as individuals find it hard to be able to afford such a large sum of money. Private Medical colleges in Bangladesh are relatively cheaper than Indian Private Medical Colleges as both have the same quality of education. Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are specific for a specified area of medicine or they can one big institution that provides medical care in all areas of medicine. One big factor about medical colleges in Bangladesh is = majority of them are National Medical Commission (NMC) formerly MCI approved Medical colleges which is eligible to admit students overseas and also giving their students authentic MBBS degree which is extremely valuable. The quality of medical study/education in Bangladesh is almost identical to India as they follow the same books which are followed in Indian universities. The books which are followed in Bangladesh are of Indian authors. As a result, FMGE or NExT passing rate is highest for students who are studying MBBS from Bangladesh. So, for Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad, MBBS in Bangladesh is the best and affordable option because of the educational values this degree offers. There is an added advantage for Indian students in Bangladesh, the culture and food in Bangladesh are almost the same as in India.


Advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh

  • MBBS courses in Bangladesh have the same study pattern as India and the colleges are MCI approved.
  • Countries like Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Philippines, etc. provide a little less quality of MBBS Education to their students than Bangladesh for Indian students.
  • The MBBS degree is affiliated and recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, Member of South East Asia Regional Organisation For Medical Council Enlisted in the Directory of IMED and AVECENA (FormerlyW.H.O)
  • Due to the high population density in Bangladesh, colleges and hospitals generally have an adequate number of patients for practicing medical treatments, as a result, students gain enormous practical knowledge in their field. MBBS in other countries such as Russia or Kyrgyzstan does not allow foreign students to treat their locals and also in China, people are more comfortable in using their own Chinese medicine compared to Allopathic medicine.
  • Examinations such as Foreign Medical graduates Examination (FMGE), MCI screening tests - (Organisations that are responsible for the licensure of medical personnel who are Indian citizens but hold a degree from a college outside India) become easy to crack as a foreign degree student which is why Bangladesh Medical College students have a highest passing rate in these examinations.
  • MBBS courses in Bangladesh follow the same author's books and journals which are followed in India in fact the authors of those books are also Indians, as a result, one can understand the study pattern is not all different than India in Bangladesh. Also, the medium of medical study in Bangladesh is English.
  • As a neighboring country, we share our diseases with Bangladesh, therefore have the same treatment as well. So, studying MBBS in Bangladesh has more perks than any other country for an Indian student.
  •  One of the main advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh is the fees, which are very low and affordable compared to any other country. Their fees include Medical College fees and University Exam Fees, Monthly Food and Hostel Charges which are cheap in Bangladesh compared to India as well. Overall after 5 years of MBBS in Bangladesh, the total cost of the degree is very low compared to the education quality.
  • Bangladesh almost has the same culture as India. Their food, customs, languages are almost same. They speak Bangla as their native language but they can also speak Hindi and English as well.
  • Visit HOME frequently, as Bangladesh is the nearby country:
    1. Flight: Kolkata to Dhaka – 0 hrs. 40 mints & Fare – 5,000 to 6,000/-
    2. Bus: From Kolkata to Dhaka 12:00 hrs. (approx.) & Fare – 1,500/-
    3. Train: Kolkata to Khulna – 5:00 hrs. / Kolkata to Dhaka – 8:30 hrs.
  • There is no hidden cost involved. All transactions are transparent and confirmed MBBS admission in Bangladesh Medical Colleges. For any more details contact us.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Bangladesh

    • The initial first-year payment of MBBS in Bangladesh is higher compared to other MBBS Study abroad degrees. You have to pay 30-40% of total MBBS course fees initially in the first year.
    • All of the medical colleges in Bangladesh are not that up to the mark, so you have to beware and research for the best colleges in Bangladesh for your medical MBBS study.
    • Selection of your admission agent is crucial as some of the big flashy organizations charge a lot and promise a lot this and that before taking your money as its all business to them only and they don't care for your future, it's up to you to select a proper agent who will try to secure your seats in best medical colleges. Ask your admission agents for exclusive guides only for MBBS in Bangladesh.
    • MBBS in Bangladesh has a strict admission process, all the candidates must fulfill all of the eligibility criteria.
    • There is no seat relaxation on the basis of categories.
    • Nightlife such as late-night parties, pubs, discos, bars, casinos is out of the question.
    • You may need to requisite for AC as all college hostel rooms are not equipped with AC.
    • There are few holidays in Bangladesh.
    • Apart from MCI recognized universities other universities have a major issue about their recognition, as a result, you need to be careful that it has the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Dhaka and the Medical and Dental Council of Bangladesh.
    • Students who have more than 1 years gap after the 12th will be unable to get admission in the Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh.

List of Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh