MBBS In Bangladesh For Indian Students

MBBS in Bangladesh

There are many reasons why Indian students choose to study MBBS in Bangladesh. The most popular reason is the low cost of tuition. In Bangladesh, MBBS programs are much cheaper than in India. Additionally, the quality of education is very good. Many Bangladeshi medical schools are accredited by international organizations such as the World Health Organization.

Another reason why Bangladeshi medical schools are attractive to Indian students is the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty members. In Bangladesh, there are many experienced doctors who have been working in the field for many years. These doctors can provide Indian students with valuable insights and knowledge about the medical field. Additionally, they can offer guidance and support during the student’s studies.

Lastly, studying MBBS in Bangladesh offers Indian students the opportunity to experience a different culture and way of life. This is an excellent way for students to broaden their horizons and expand their worldviews. Additionally, it can be a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

MBBS in Bangladesh has constantly been the maximum looked after and low-priced alternative for aspiring medical doctors from India. Every year, nearly 6,000 Indian college students tour Bangladesh for their scientific studies. MBBS in Bangladesh is a great preference for Indian students. It is one of the budget-friendly courses for Indian citizens. MBBS in Bangladesh has emerged as the top choice for Indian students for the following reasons:

      • The National Medical Board approves a significant number of medical colleges in Bangladesh selected by Indian students.

      • In Bangladesh’s best private and medical colleges, 25% of places are reserved for Indian students, so there are more opportunities in Bangladesh.

      • Students are given the opportunity to complete a one-year internship at some of the best private and government hospitals.

      • If a student belongs to a SAARC nationality, the student does not have to pay tuition fees for medical courses in Bangladesh, so he/she only has to pay living expenses.

      • MBBS price structure in Bangladesh is better compared to MBBS price in India.

      • Bangladesh’s lifestyle is similar to India’s, making Indian students feel at home.

      • Indian students are not required to take any entrance exams to get into Bangladesh Medical Colleges. However, the NEET UG qualification exam is mandatory.

      • Medical colleges and universities in Bangladesh do not ask for donations, they do direct admission to MBBS courses. There is no need to give any language test.

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    Additionally, the standard of education and training at Bangladeshi medical colleges is on par with that of developed countries, making it an excellent choice for those looking to pursue a career in medicine. So if you’re considering studying MBBS abroad, be sure to consider Bangladesh!


    These few drawbacks, nevertheless, appear to be negligible compared to the benefits. The vast majority of Asian nations have climates similar to Bangladesh’s. If your hostel room doesn’t have air conditioning, you won’t experience too many issues. Furthermore, many international students who enroll here have promising futures. We advise you to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh. Then you will comprehend. We advise Asian students seeking better educational and career possibilities to enroll in MBBS programs in Bangladesh.

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