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Vinnitsa National Medical University


Presently preparing of authorities is done at 53 seats, where the capable logical educational staff works. Among them there are an academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, 5 academicians and 5 individuals’ journalists of Academies of Science, 120 specialists of science, educators, 554 applicants of science, related teachers.

Material-specialized premise: 3 instructive structures, present day hardware, look into focus and focal point of new data innovations, in excess of 780 current PCs, which are associated up to Internet, huge library (500 thousand books) and claim printing house.

The Muslim Center and the Mosque work close to the University.

At the therapeutic college 6250 understudies are prepared, including 2080 outsiders. Altogether around 44000 specialists, among them 2100 masters of the most elevated amount, having the Candidate’s and Ph.D., M.D. degrees, including in excess of 7500 remote residents from 106 outside nations of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa) have been prepared.

In excess of 6000 native from 93 outside nations of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America got the Diplomas of graduation from our University.

Accomplishments of Vinnitsa National Medical University amid the long periods of Ukrainian autonomy:

Opening of the logical – look into focus with the fixation in it of profitable present day demonstrative and research center gear; its interdepartmental utilization and making on its premise logical edifices (morphological – 1991).

Faculty of prescription: the accompanying specializations were opened: general drug and pediatrics.

Reorganization of the medicinal personnel to patterns.

Therapeutic personnel, “pediatrics”.

Accreditation of the instructive foundation to the IV level and changing status to the college’s one and its establishment with the nearness of researchers from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and Germany on base of the University morphological departments and research focus of International Academy of integrative human sciences (IAIA) – (1994).

Authorizing, production of additional sheets and the association of versions on the possess polygraphed base of the accompanying diaries “Vinnitsa National Medical University, notice”, “Release of Morphology (International)” – 1993-94.

Long haul initiative among higher restorative instructive foundations of Ukraine as per the quantity of got licenses on innovations and the aftereffects of research work.

Measure of methods contributed into the modernization of material and specialized, instructive and precise bases.

Establishment of dental personnel and the making of its four seats (1994-1996).

Acknowledgment of Vinnitsa National Medical University as a standout amongst the best instructive foundations of Ukraine and compensating with unique confirmations and awards on the aftereffects of interest in open rating of ubiquity and nature of items (1999, 2000).

Remunerating of Vinnitsa National Medical University with “III” dimension confirmation in the selection “instructive work” as indicated by the rearrangement of medicinal workforce, establishment on its base of two therapeutic resources 1, 2 and the course of clinical drug store (2001).