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Lviv National Medical University Ukraine

About Lviv

Starting from 1961 University gives training to outside residents. Amid 50 years more than 2.5 thousand specialists and drug specialists – outsiders have training here and have been working effectively as specialists and drug specialists in numerous nations of the world. Training is given in Ukrainian, Russian Language, and since 1997 the educating of outside understudies in English has been propelled and is quickly creating. Presently 70% of University remote understudies consider in English Medium Program.


22 logical schools effectively work and create in University: Obstetrics and gynecology, biochemical, sterile, irresistible ailments, history of drug and drug store, microbiological, morphological, nervous system science and neurosurgery, oncology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmological, obsessive life systems and neurotic physiology, pediatric, mental, dentistry, inside ailments, pharmacological, physiological, science and drug store, medical procedure. College library contains in excess of 530000 volumes of course readings, manuals and other pertinent therapeutic writing. Library has present day PC hardware.

Personnel and Staff

Today Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University joins 6 resources, therapeutic school, 78 divisions (counting 48 clinical offices), 14 scholarly structures, 41 associated emergency clinics, University dental restorative place for in excess of 2000 attendances amid move, showing drugstore, greenhouse, CRL and Laboratory of modern toxicology, Institute of clinical pathology, examine community for examination of anticancer medications, logical library, 8 understudy inns, sanatorium, understudy bistros and bottles, sports and wellbeing recuperation camp “Medyk”.

Understudy Life

Around 2746 understudies are learning at 38 offices here. 484 outsiders are learning at the workforce too. The instructing procedure is done by 500 instructors – academicians, educators, colleague educators, senior educators and partners. The yearly college number of understudies is in excess of 19100 people, which incorporates 5426 college understudies (counting in excess of 1000 outside understudies), 62 understudies of Preparatory Course, in excess of 1500 temporary position specialists, 50 understudies of Master’s program, 70 understudies of PhD program, 70 Postgraduate specialists, around 11000 understudies of Faculty of Postgraduate preparing, 312 understudies of Medical College. Understudies of all Faculties examine as per the credit-module framework. College library contains in excess of 530000 volumes of course books, manuals and other significant medicinal writing. Library has present day PC gear. In 2011 the principal graduation of understudies, who contemplated by the requests of “Bologna” process, occurred.