Kyiv Medical University


As we probably am aware, Kiev is the focal point of mechanical, logical, instructive, and social of Eastern Europe. Kiev has numerous medicinal colleges that offer high caliber and ongoing examination therapeutic training. Here, numerous universal understudies consider from various nations. Therapeutic understudies ponder drug in English medium since this medium is exceptionally a justifiable language.

Here, the best therapeutic college Kyiv restorative college of UAFM with a plan to instill the standards of exchange medication in the traditional medicinal world was built up in the year 1992, by Dr. Pokanevich Valeriy (1950-2012) is a standout amongst the best establishments for medicinal instruction in Ukraine. The college has been beating numerous different foundations situated in the nation holds an uncommon branch of Research and Innovation with a basic objective of executing all the cutting edge preparing strategies into the customary therapeutic instruction framework achieve the hoped for objective of preparing fantastic clinicians.

KMU goes for keeping up a notoriety of educating with a distinction. The uncommon claim to fame of consolidating the nuts and bolts of Folk prescription with traditional drug influences our authorities to have an edge over all other wellbeing experts on the planet.

The University appreciates excusable pride in being the main foundation in Ukraine with a program that enables the understudy to have hands on commonsense preparing in the best private medicinal services foundations in the nation.


While choosing a school or college and before submitting any cash to a postsecondary instructive foundation, it is imperative to decide if the establishment is “authorize.” Accreditation status can give you a sign of a college’s general quality and notoriety. It is a confirmation that a school gives a nature of training that the overall population has the privilege to expect and that the instructive network perceives. Accreditation gives confirmation that the program where you are enlisted or are thinking about selecting is occupied with persistent survey and improvement of its quality that it fulfills broadly embraced guidelines in the calling, and that it is responsible for accomplishing what it embarks to do. The Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is certify by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with Level IV the most abnormal amount of accreditation for a higher instructive Institute in Ukraine.

Service of Education and Science of Ukraine (MES Ukraine) is the focal group of official power, is coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

MES Ukraine is a piece of the official branch and the primary body of the focal official specialists to guarantee the advancement and execution of state arrangement in training and science, protected innovation, science, innovation and development, data, development and utilization of national electronic data assets, making conditions for the improvement of the data society, just as in state supervision (control) over the exercises of instructive organizations paying little respect to their subjection and possession.


The Kyiv Medical University has the permit from the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, arrangement, AE No 527695 as indicated by choice from State accreditation commission, dated 23.12.2014, ensures the privilege of the Kyiv therapeutic college to execute the instructive movement in the accompanying Area of learning and fortes of preparing.

Graduate Courses:

  • General Medicine
  • Stomatology
  • Pharmacy
  • Post Graduate Courses
  • General Medicine
  • Stomatology
  • Primary Post Graduate Training (Internship)
  • Training Foreign Citizen for Internship
  • Training Foreign Citizen for a Basic Specialty